Here’s how newsrooms should be rethinking social metrics

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This week, new research surveying 13,000 people in 13 countries found that social media is now judged to be the most relevant source of information worldwide. 59% cite it as important to their ‘personal understanding’ – ahead of television (57%), “word of mouth from friends and family” (45%), and online news (41%).

Despite this, NewsWhip’s Liam Corcoran mentions how newsrooms and editors still see social metrics from a two-dimensional point of view. He offers three ways in rethinking the use of social metrics, which includes:

  1. Using social data to figure out what stories are resonating for your editorial strategy
  2. Benchmarking your social data platforms, content formats, and content performance in order to quickly iterate
  3. Spotting the stories that your readers aren’t seeing and bringing them new stories.

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