Seek An Audience is a member invite-only platform. You will be able to read all the news and content posted on the website without a login, however, once you finish the contributor and author programs, you can then have access to do more things!

How does the signup process work?

Register using either your email, Twitter or Facebook details, after which you will then be added to the waiting list.

You have the ability to gain access to two levels 1) Contributor level and 2) The Author level.

The Contributor level allows you to participate (vote and comment) on Seek An Audience, whilst the Author Level allows you to add and moderate new topics and conversations.

Basically, in order to gain contributor-level access, you will need to have engaged on at least 5 posts and referred a fellow member to sign up. And in order to become an Author, you will either be invited by the Seek An Audience team based on your follower count (which you can see on your profile page) or you can apply by providing your evidence of Authorship on other well acknowledged publications and sites.

When you are at either stage, please send an email to vahe@stateofdigitalpublishing.com, with a brief email of your evidence, and we will get back to you straightaway.

How does my post become a homepage feature?

It depends on the post engagement (number of upvotes, shares, and comments) and the topical relevancy of the post from the time it has been posted.

Your post will stay on the homepage as a ‘popular post’ until it has been pushed down under the top 10, otherwise, if it is super awesome, we can ‘stick’ the post on the homepage under the featured area, which is located beneath the site’s navigation.

Can I suggest topics be published on the site?

Yes, of course, email vahe@stateofdigitalpublishing.com, and depending on your request we can add it immediately or run a poll to obtain a consensus from the other members.

Can I ask my friends, colleagues, and family to upvote a post?

 This is peer based and therefore they won’t be able to upvote the post. However, they can help you share your contribution through social media.

Can I upload previously posted posts?

It is encouraged to post new and unique posts not shared on the platform before. Seek An Audience will aim focus on having one unique post per mentioned article or shared resource and will moderate any posts that don’t fall in this area.

While Seek An Audience endeavours to ensure that the information supplied on this website is suitable, accurate and complete, no warranty is given that the material located on this website, or on any other website referred to on this website, is free from error or omission. The material is intended for general use and information only. Users should exercise their own skill and care with respect to the use of material at or from this website. Accordingly, Seek An Audience management, employees, and agents expressly disclaim all liability for any act done or admission made in reliance on such material, and any consequences of such act or omission.

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