How Swedish startup Kit is using over 200 data points on every story

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Every time a staffer at the Swedish news startup Kit produces a story — no matter if it’s a Facebook video recipe for avocado hummus or a text story on Kit’s own website about coal-fired power plants — they have to fill out 17 categories of metadata that the company developed to classify stories, 145 different classifications such as covering things such as the tone of the story (is it funny? Is it dry?) and the story’s intent (was it created to surprise the user? Is it supposed to explain something to them?). It also collects more than 200 different output data points in every story, including time spent on the page, scroll depth, reach, engagement, and more, depending on the story’s format and the platform where it was posted.

The company uses a combination of the metadata staffers input and the analytics of how the stories perform to better understand how users consume different types of stories and content types on various platforms.

See how Kit has performed since its implementation in their Story Engine CMS and some case studies.



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