Full Fact is Developing Two New Tools for Automated Fact-Checking

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Now, with the additional funding, the team is building the two tools, Live and Trends, in a way that can be integrated with how journalists and fact-checkers currently do their work, and with how the audience interacts with this type of content.

The first tool, Live, is based on the assumption that people, especially politicians, repeat themselves, Babakar explained, so a claim that is knowingly or unknowingly false or inaccurate is likely to be said more than once by different people.

The second tool Full Fact is building is called Trends, and it aims to record every time a wrong or false claim is repeated, and by whom, to enable fact-checkers to track who or what is “putting misleading claims out into the world”.

Seek An Audience will follow up with the Full Fact team in order to determine the accessibility of these tools.

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