7 Ways to Build a Better Ad Package for Sponsors

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The best thing you can offer in an ad package is exclusivity, although few publishers can. Back in the days of print-only publishing, there was little opportunity to be an exclusive sponsor of anything, but what brought them in was a separate but aligned strategy: scarcity. The most scarce and desirable sections of a magazine are the back of the front cover, and the back cover, which go for more than $100,000 each in most magazines. And a new element that the web brings to advertisers, more so than ever before, is alignment. The most successful sponsor-driven publishers we know do very well at aligning the right ads with related content.  Mequoda outlines the top seven, which includes:

  1. Native Ad Development
  2. Web Edition Native Ads
  3. Email Extras
  4. Email Banner Ads and Text Email Ads
  5. Lead Generation Products and Forms.

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