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Our Mission

Connecting audiences to stories and solutions

To ‘Seek An Audience’ refers to the attempt or desire for attention, in order to receive counsel for an act which you intend or about to do. This is something humans have been doing since the beginning of time and still do to this day in all areas of life.

Digital Publishing & Online Media Publishing professionals seek the audience of their readers to obtain their approval to inform, educate, inspire, help solve (and more) the topics they are well versed in.
At Seek An Audience, we come together to solve the biggest problem facing us all every single day; balancing to create valuable content and audiences to serve.
Many programs or campaigns are run with the support of technology or vendors. Such campaigns need an audience to justify their reason and there is no better reason to connect professionals and vendors together through a community and marketplace platform.
Whether you are a digital/media publishing professional, or a vendor, Seek An Audience is here to help you connect with stories of other digital publishing efforts and solutions, so that you can more effectively grow and monetize your audiences.

About Our Membership

Seek An Audience is an invite-only platform, with the goal to slowly grow a high-quality network and b2b marketplace for Digital Publishing and Online Media professionals and partners. Curated tools, resources, news and discussions will be the main areas of Seek Audience currently, coming from the community members and the Seek An Audience team, with more exciting product solutions in the pipeline.

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Read, grow, connect and execute with Seek An Audience.

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